Snep International is one of the few Italian Network Marketing companies which has made investments to ensure that all of its products are among the best food supplements on the market, compliant with EU and Italian regulations. In everything we do, we have established incredibly high safety, warranty and efficacy standards.

ALIVEDA Laboratories, guided by Dr. Maico Polzella, are our scientific department which uses our deep knowledge of medicinal herbs and essences to create extraordinary and unique products.

Our efforts to reach the final products include a complex and careful analysis and are constantly supervised by our medical professionals to reach production standards qualitative higher than the market average.

Our products, both meal replacement for weight control and food supplements, were created and formulated to substantially help our customer in their day-to-day life. Our attention to quality does not affect our prices, that we deem among the most interesting in the sector, due to the exclusively made-in-Italy production.

Snep focuses particularly on the taste of each product: with the help of our experts, we are reaching higher quality products.

By browsing on this website, our customers can find a complete description of each product.



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